Convenient ways to move your money to or from your accounts

Gone are the days that you need to bring a check or a lot of cash to a bank. There is no longer any need to wait in line at the teller. You no longer have to write a check or balance your checkbook. The way we make financial transactions has drastically changed due to mobile technology.


Using a mobile app

Keeping up with the demands of society, many traditional banking methods can now be done using a mobile app. To add to that, there are even security systems that no longer require one to physically go to a money transfer service branch to be able to remit funds. With the use of an app or a mobile browser, most banking transactions can be done online. It is also easy to make a payment transaction when using a mobile app.

Dinosaur websites

Using an app is preferred by many as some of the dinosaur designs of financial institution websites typically do not have the functionality for making transactions. There are several banks that keep up with the industry and turn to technology to also reap more profits, be more organized, and facilitate faster transactions.

Mobile banking apps

The banking industry created ATMs and electronic checks just for these reasons. Many banks are online with websites that allow you to do more than just gather information as now you can open an account online. Most banks have their own mobile banking app.

Money transfer systems

Money transfers are no longer limited to banks nor is there any more need to hand over cash. There are a lot of secure money transfer systems that have established their network worldwide. You can send and receive funds fast by going to a money transfer agent. You may also transfer funds online.

Money services

When you want to send or receive funds fast, the most convenient way to do so is by using your mobile device. There is this money services company that has integrated the functionality of mobile banking and money transfer services into their app. Transferring money from your various accounts is also possible, and it is not just limited to your savings and checking accounts when you have the right app which has advanced payment solutions.

Moving cash 

When you want to transfer money, you might ‘store’ these in different financial accounts. A few of these are your savings account, checking account, debit/credit card, and e-wallet. You also might have cash on hand. For cash, you need to go to a bank or to an ATM to deposit the money. You can also load your money services provider’s e-wallet which is typically linked to a debit card. You may also deposit the cash directly into a debit card or into your bank accounts.

Multi-functional app

The most convenient way to move money to or from your various financial accounts is by using a money services company’s app. This app is multi-functional as it enables you to access your bank accounts, debit/credit cards, and an e-wallet. This money service company’s app is best to use as the capacity to move funds is all there, and you no longer need many different apps to transact.